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Daily Tour and Transfer List
Tour Date:
24 Hour Service Line: 626-571-2988

Los Angeles / San Francisco Area

Daily Transfer List
#Arrival DateGuest NameFromToPickup TimeFlight InfoTour GuideTour Guide Phone#
1 2018-12-09 ELLIS/GRAHAM JOHN X 3 T-SDS Holiday Inn La Mirada PM 08:00 Drop off hotel
AM 00:00

New York Area

紐約區域 (New York Area)
Tel: 718-517-0199

Vancouver Area

溫哥華區域 (Vancouver Area)

Hawaii Area

夏威夷區域 (Hawaii Area)
Tel: 626-307-2298

Other Area

其他區域 (Other Area)
芝加哥 (Chicago) Tel: 773-600-1980
奧蘭多 (Orlando) Tel: 800-689-0908
邁阿密 (Miami) Tel: 305-929-8383
阿拉斯加 (Alaska) Tel: 907-274-8884

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