East Coast & Canada 7 Days Tour AP7C

  • Highlights:
  • New York, Philadelphia – Washington D.C., Watkins Glen, Millennium Valley, Niagara Falls Park, Toronto Cruise, Montreal, Keeseville, Casa Loma, CNTower,
  • Food: Experienced native guides take you to have characteristic food and learn the native culture. Accommodation: Deluxe hotel is   guaranteed.
  • Vehicle Equipment: Equipped with a seat belt, 5 million commercial insurance; drivers with more than 5 years of driving experience
  • Attraction: Visit United Nations/New York Library, Grand Central Terminal, the Oculus, the U.S. Congress and 360-degree aerial view the U.S. capital, Hershey's Chocolate World to know the chocolate manufacturing process, “Millennium Falls” Watkins Glen, National Scenic Spot Seneca Lake

Day 1 - Hometown-New York City (Flushing/Manhattan Morning Tour)-Night tour

Daily pick-up from 8:30 am to 12am midnight (according to the actual landing time of the flight), free pick-up is provided at the three major airports in New York (JFK, EWR and LGA), and in Flushing, Queens and Chinatown in Manhattan Provide collection boarding point service!

Group pick-up/individual pick-up for different flights arriving in New York:

1. Domestic flights in the United States: Get off the plane → go to the flight luggage carousel → meet the tour guide → the tour guide arranges for you and other group members to take the nearest vehicle to leave the airport. (Free pick-up/drop-off for the team, $12/person/day service fee is required)

2. International flight: Get off the plane→Passport Control→Collect Baggage→Customs Inspection→Meet the tour guide→The tour guide arranges for you and other group members to take the nearest vehicle to leave the airport. (Free pick-up/drop-off for the team, $12/person/day service fee is required)

3. No flight: Guests who arrive in New York in advance can go to the three major airports and the meeting points of the two Chinatowns by themselves, and wait for the shuttle bus to return to the hotel. 8:30-24:00, you need to confirm the meeting time with the company one day in advance (you need to pay a service fee of $12/person/day, if the guest checks in by himself, there is no need to pay the service fee):   

Meeting point in Flushing: New York Food Court (133-35 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354) 5:00PM
Meeting point in Manhattan Times Square: Ant Travel Luggage Storage Center (321 W 42nd St, New York, NY10036 ) 6:00PM

Itinerary for arriving in New York at different times:
1. If you arrive at JFK/LGA/EWR/Flushing/Chinatown before 12:00PM, you can choose to participate in the Manhattan morning tour (groups of 4).
2. Guests who arrive at JFK/LGA airport before 12:00PM-17:00 noon can enjoy a free Flushing special tour.
3. Guests who arrive at JFK or LGA after 17:00 and those who arrive at EWR after 14:00 will be sent directly to the hotel.
4. Guests who arrive before 17:00 in the afternoon can choose to participate in the Manhattan night tour (groups of more than 6 people).

Manhattan Morning Tour * ( 180 minutes) ($50/person for adults; $40/person for children under 12):
Climb to the top of [The High Line Gardens] → enter [Chelsea Market] → enter [Hudson Square] → take pictures [Vessel] (New York Bird's Nest / New York Eiffel Tower / Big Pine Cone) → exterior [*Empire State Building] → approach [Fifth Avenue] → Appearance [*Metropolitan Museum] & [Central Park]* You can also buy tickets to climb to the top of the Empire State Building and enter the [Metropolitan] Museum for a full day tour. After the end, you need to take the subway back to the meeting point to follow Car back to the hotel.

New York Night Tour * ( 180 minutes)
($50/person for adults; $40/person for children under 12):
Go in [Brooklyn Bridge Park] → go in [Rockefeller Center] → go in [Times Square]
HoteL: Crowne Plaza EWR/Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Newark/Hilton/Sheraton/Courtyard by Marriott/Holiday Inn or similar

Day 2 - New York Free Day

Free and unfettered, enjoy a day of sightseeing in Manhattan.

Or choose a local shuttle company to go to Woodbury Outlets/American Dream Shopping Mall in New Jersey, and pay for the fare yourself (about $15-35/person). The tour guide can help you buy tickets one day in advance, or you can buy them online by yourself.

Hotel: Garden Executive Hotel or similar

Day 3 - New York – Philadelphia – Washington D.C.

In the morning, enter [National Independence Historical Park], look at the birthplace of the "Declaration of Independence", "US Constitution" and "Bill of Rights" - [Independence Palace], and look at the symbol of American freedom - [Liberty Bell]. Then take a tour of the first capital city of the United States on a Philadelphia open-top double-decker bus*. In the afternoon, take a bus to visit the center of Washington DC, and then take an in-depth tour of Washington DC*: stop at the gate of Capitol Hill for photos, then enter the Library of Congress, and at the same time come to the gate of the Supreme Court of the United States to take pictures. Then look at the [White House South Gate] South Lawn, the speaking point of Washington, and look at the U.S. Treasury Department. Then enter the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial.
HoteL: Comfort Inn / Day Inn /Red Roof Plus or similar

Day 4 - Niagara Fall

Go to *Watkins Glen (45 minutes) (time/traffic/weather permitting) (*Since the canyon is full of rocks and waterfalls, it will be closed on rainy days and winter, only from May to October every year Open to the public. At the same time, due to the long distance to the waterfall, the driver's daily driving time is restricted by law. If there is a traffic jam or delay, the tour guide will make a decision based on the traffic conditions/weather on the day. For safety reasons, the company has the right to change or cancel the attraction. .) Watkins Glen is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, USA. It is one of the areas with the highest concentration of waterfalls in the United States. It is a layered rock geology that has been eroded by glaciers and streams, forming a unique landform. Considered one of the most magical landscapes in the world. There are 400 feet of water in the approximately two-mile gorge, and there are 19 waterfalls along its route, among which the more famous ones are Rainbow Falls, Chain Falls, etc. Here, you can overlook the canyon along the rim trail, hike through the hiking trails in the canyon, and enjoy the waterfalls up close. It was once loved by tourists, and this canyon was named "Millennium Valley".

Come to the waterfall in the evening and take a waterfall night tour* to go deep into the Niagara Falls Park to see a wide variety of exotic flowers and trees up close; board the [Turtle Point] on [Gongyang Island] and the observation deck on [Moon Island] , touch and appreciate the majesty of Thunder God's Water at the closest distance; experience the night view of the three waterfalls [Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls] with colorful neon lights, and feel the majestic momentum of nature.
Hotel: Buffalo airport hotel

Day 5 - Niagara Falls - Toronto

In the morning, we will go to the famous Niagara Falls-viewing tower in Canada. It allows tourists to get a better panoramic view of Niagara Falls and is the closest tower to the Horseshoe Falls. It is over 100 meters high. Half of the elevator leading to the observation deck on the top of the tower is inlaid with glass, so you can enjoy the scenery while the elevator goes up and down. In the afternoon, we will take a cruise on Toronto. A two-story Great Lakes steamship will enjoy a 60-minute sightseeing harbor tour in Toronto's Inner Harbor, followed by a restaurant, Casa Loma, a royal castle located high above and overlooking the city of Toronto. It is a century-old castle with 98 rooms. It is a representative of dreamy architecture, as if taking you back to the Edwardian era. Then we will go to the CN Tower, the symbol of Toronto and a must-see attraction for tourists to Toronto. Then we will have dinner in Toronto's Chinatown

Hotel:Best Western or similar

Day 6 - Montreal - Keeseville - New York(Activity time: 11 -12 hours. Distance: 374 miles)

Arriving at the waterfall in the morning, guests can choose to stay at the waterfall park or participate in the waterfall in-depth tour at their own expense*: Climb up the [Waterfall Observation Deck] to overlook the majestic magnificence of Niagara Falls during the day, put on the [Waterfall Raincoat] and take the [Maid of the Mist] boat, cross the three waterfalls, bravely drive all the way to the waterfall, and enter the horseshoe-shaped center circle of the waterfall. The abundant river water is like a thousand horses galloping towards you. In the hazy water, you can personally feel the momentum and power of the waterfall. After escaping the storm circle, the Maid of the Mist is like a boat returning from a disaster. (If the waterfall boat is not open, use the [Falls Legend IMAX Movie] instead, which can also let you experience the exciting effect of lightning and thunder at Niagara Falls, as if you are there, and you will never get "wet") After returning to the shore after the waterfall cruise, follow the guide to the foot of the American Falls, along the [Waterfall Wooden Boardwalk], climb to the halfway point of the American Falls, and feel the spectacular splash of water from the waterfall up close. Finally, we came to [Falls Park], where there are many entertainment activities and small shops in summer, and sometimes there is a local flea market selling local Indian handicrafts. Walk along the path next to the Falls Park and walk on several small bridges nearby to feel the surging water of the waterfall flowing under the bridge. It includes reservations and admission tickets to the Cave of the Winds. Take the elevator through the Wind Cave to the foot of the waterfall. Wear the slippers and raincoat given by the Cave of the Winds to feel the whole body wet under the waterfall, and then follow the car to the downstream of the waterfall to experience the vortex formed by the waterfall water flow downstream and the invention and operation of the hydroelectric power station. Return to New York in the afternoon.

Hotel: Crowne (or Ramada) Plaza EWR/Holiday Inn or similar

Day 7 - New York/Home (Activity time: 10-12 hours. Distance: 250 miles)

Walk on [Wall Street] in the morning, look at [Trinity Cathedral], [New York Stock Exchange], [Federal Reserve Bank], take a photo with [George Washington Statue], [Wall Street Copper Bull], enter [Bird Station], touch 911 Site/[Reflection Void], climb to the top of [New World Trade Center Building 1]*/[Freedom Tower] If it is closed, it will be replaced by the Empire State Building in New York. Take the [Statue of Liberty Cruise]* around the island to enjoy: [Lower Manhattan Skyline], [Brooklyn Bridge], [Manhattan Bridge], [Williamsburg Bridge], [Ellis Island] [Government Island], [ USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier] *, [Cruise Ship Terminal]. Enter [Times Square] to feel the countdown of millions of people every year, and take photos in front of [Nasdaq Stock Exchange] and [Broadway Opera House]. Participate in an in-depth tour of New York*: walk on the Brooklyn Bridge filming locations of Internet celebrities in this life; in-depth visits to the [Intrepid] aircraft carrier and [Concorde] supersonic airliners and various fighters. Then come to Madame Tussauds*, a nine-story wax museum located in the very center of Times Square in the heart of New York, and take a group photo with major American stars. The tour ends in the afternoon and the tour guide will take you to the three major airports in New York: JFK/LGA/EWR. Please book flights after 8PM. Guests can also choose to leave the group in Manhattan or Flushing.

Price List -

Code: AP7C                           Departure : Tue, Wed (Jun-Oct)

1st & 2nd



Single room





 *Upgrade seats: 15/person/day, first four rows of the bus

  • Price Includes:
  • Hotel, transportation, attraction tickets, entry tickets, permits. 
  • Experienced driver guide
  • Taxes

  • Price Excludes:
  • Admission Fees:    
  • Optional activities are not included in the standard trip. Customers may decide to join or not on tour and communicate directly with the tour guide.Admission Fees:
  • Customers can pay with cash, credit card, or Alipay on tour.
  • All meals and drinks during the trip are not included in tour price. The tour guide will make eating arrangements.
  • Mandatory service fees for your tour guide and bus driver (minimum $12.00 per day per person, children and infants are charged as adults)
  • Any private expenses



(1) We offer complimentary airport transfer service between 8:30AM - 12:00AM Eastern Time. A fee ($120 for the first 2 people. $10 extra for any additional person) will be incurred if pickup is needed outside of the service window for any reason.
(2) Our tour guide will meet you at airport baggage claim area for domestic flights and at the exit area for international flights.
(3) Emergency contact: (US Toll Free) 1-800-390-5755

***We reserve the right to make any changes to the tour itinerary, attractions visited, and hotel accommodations without any abatement in price.
***All attraction admissions, meals, gratuities and personal expenses are not included in the tour fare.
*** No refund will be made with respect to accommodation, sightseeing or any other services included in the tour fare but not utilized by the Customer, either in part of full, or where the customer amends, cancels or otherwise varies arrangements after commencement of the tour.



In-depth Niagara Tour Adult(12): $25.  Child(3-12):$15 Senior(65 ):$22 
New York area  
2024-Liberty Cruise (EC)   Adult(12): $48 Child(3-12):$42 Senior(65 ):$42 
2024-U.S.S Intrepid Museum  (EC) Adult:$ 36.00 Child:$ 26.00 Senior:$ 34.00
2024-PEDICAB GUIDED TOUR (EC) Adult:$ 44.00 Child:$ 37.00 Senior:$ 42.00
2024-Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour (EC) Adult:$ 19.00 Child:$ 15.00 Senior:$ 19.00
2024-One World Observatory  (EC)   Adult:$ 53.00 Child:$ 40.00 Senior:$ 53.00
2024-New York Morning Tour(EC) Adult:$ 50.00 Child:$ 40.00 Senior:$ 50.00
2024-New York Night Tour(EC) Adult:$ 50.00 Child:$ 40.00 Senior:$ 50.00
Washington Cruise Adult:$ 26.00 Child:$18.00 Senior:$ 23.00
2024-CONGRESS TOUR-(EC)    Adult:$ 35.00 Child:$ 25.00 Senior:$ 35.00
2024-Capitol River Cruise (EC)    Adult:$ 25.00 Child:$ 15.00 Senior:$ 25.00
2024-DC-INDEPTH TOUR (EC) Adult:$ 35.00 Child:$ 30.00 Senior:$ 35.00
2024-Capitol Dinner Buffet DC  (EC) Adult:$ 25.00 Child:$ 22.00 Senior:$ 25.00
Corning/Falls Area  
2024-Corning Museum of Glass (EC)        Adult:$ 22.00 Child:$ 0.00 Senior:$ 19.00
2024-Watkins Glen State Park (EC) Adult:$ 15.00 Child:$ 10.00 Senior:$ 15.00
2024-Colorful Falls(EC)   Adult:$ 35.00 Child:$ 25.00 Senior:$ 35.00
2024-IMAX: Niagara (Canada side) (EC) Adult:$ 15.00 Child:$ 11.00 Senior:$ 15.00
2024-Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour - Niagara Park Permit(EC) Adult:$ 40.00 Child:$ 28.00 Senior:$ 40.00
2024-Casa Loma (EC) Adult:$ 30.00 Child:$ 25.00 Senior:$ 20.00
2024- Toronto City Hall In-Depth Tour(EC)  Adult:$ 29.00 Child:$ 23.00 Senior:$ 25.00
2024- Thousand Islands Cruise(EC) Adult:$ 36.00 Child:$ 24.00 Senior:$ 32.00
2024- Double Decker Montreal (EC) Adult:$ 39.00 Child:$ 29.00 Senior:$ 39.00
2024-  Ausable Chasm (Trail Only) (EC Adult:$ 21.00 Child:$ 13.00 Senior:$ 21.00
Boston/Rhode Island/Yale  
Boston Harbor View Boat Adult:$ 22.00 Child:$ 17.00 Senior:$ 20.00
Other tickets or tips  
2024- Hotel Upgrade NF (EC) Adult:$ 60.00 Child:$ 60.00 Senior:$ 60.00
2024- Hotel Upgrade NY (EC)  Adult:$ 60.00 Child:$ 60.00 Senior:$ 60.00

Regulations -

  • Booking limit
  • 1. Age limit:No limit
  • 2. Need ID number for reservation or not: Not needed
  • 3. Definition of children:
  • Age less than or equal to 12 Age.
  • Children age range is 12 and under, children price is only for the reference of third and fourth person join the tour and stay in the same room.

  • Cancellation Policy
  • 1. If the weather condition, war, general strikes, and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, our company reserves the right to rearrange the journey without refunding the tour fee.
  • 2. Cancellation & Re-schedule Policy:
  • a. More than 15 days prior to departure date (EST): Free cancellation with full refund. Please reconfirm the penalty for the added hotel or flight ticket.
  • b. Less than 14 days but 8 days prior to departure date (EST): 50% of total purchase amount can be refunded.
  • c. Less than 7 days prior to departure date (EST) or on departure day (EST): 100% penalty. No refund.
  • d. Additional hotel bookings before or after the tour as well as other services are subject to hotel cancellation policy to determine if a refund is possible.
  • e. If a guest decides to quit during the trip or fails to participate in any itinerary due to personal reasons (no travel documents, late arrival, illness, accident, etc.), the paid tour fare will not be refunded, and no other services will be compensated.
  • 3. For orders during Christmas and New Years, if you need to cancel or reschedule, please make a request at least 31 days in advance, otherwise cancellation will not be possible.

  • Know Before You Book
  • 1. Customer under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by at least one adult.
  • 2. Please be sure to provide accurate and complete information upon booking. This includes name, gender, valid contact information (preferably a mobile phone), accurate flight information, tour location, etc., This helps to avoid any errors upon the reservation because errors affect travel. Any losses due to inaccurate or invalid information will be at your own cost and the company will not be held responsible.
  • 3. Hotels have different room types, such as a King/Queen size beds or two double size twin beds. The maximum number of people who can legally stay in a room is 2 to 4 people. In addition, each hotel has a different method of charging the deposit, which requires the cooperation of the guests according to regulations. Super Vacation Inc guarantee the number
  • of rooms for guests but does not guarantee the specific room type and location. Hotel check-in time is usually after 15:00. 
  • 4. This tour does not accept any City Pass or your own tickets for any of the attractions. Tour attraction admission charges and meal expenses are subject to change at any time without notification. Any purchased ticket cannot be refunded for lower prices.
  • 5. Super Vacation Inc have the right to make appropriate adjustments to the itinerary under the conditions of facilitating the operation for the tour group. This, however, will not reduce the items that should be included in the itinerary.
  • 6. During the actual trip, the tour guide or driver has the right to appropriately adjust the tour sequence, stay time or assembly time of scenic spots according to the weather, traffic, and other conditions to ensure the smooth progress of the trip If the scenic spots are temporarily closed or closed on a particular holiday, etc., the tour guide will adjust the appearance according to the actual situation or replace the location with another scenic spot to ensure the richness of the itinerary. The opening hours and capacity limits of certain attractions and national parks will be subject to change from time to time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the operating hours and capacity restrictions have an impact on the itinerary, it shall be regarded as force majeure. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 8. Children under the age of 8 require a booster seat in order to participate in the tour group. Super Vacation Inc provide the rental service for $10.00/person/day. Please make a request when booking the itinerary so that we may have the booster seat ready in advance. Please understand that the violations and fines are borne by the guests themselves.  There is no need for a booster seat for bus travel on the day of travel, and the fee can be refunded to the guest.
  • 9. Normal health conditions are required to participate and enjoy our full itineraries. Contact us for specific policies or information  regarding passengers with disabilities who do need to provide advance notification to make a reservation Super Vacation Inc do not guarantee a wheelchair lift-equipped bus and/or seating availability to disabled passengers without prior notification and approval.
  • 10. We may alter these terms and conditions from time to time and post the new version on our agents’ website. It is your responsibility to check the [Terms & Conditions] on their website regularly and prior to making a reservation. Unless specifically stated otherwise herein or required by law, Super Vacation Inc shall not be liable for any consequential, compensatory, indirect, incidental or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the performance of its obligations under these terms and conditions.

  • Know Before You Go
  •  1. The maximal waiting time for any late passengers is 10 minutes beyond the meeting time announced by the Tour Guide.  While Super Vacation Inc makes every effort to provide on-time service, it does not guarantee to arrive at or depart from any point.as a specific time, which may be affected by any number of factors including weather, traffic, strikes, government shutdowns, war or terrorist attacks, or mechanical prob- lems. Super Vacation Inc is not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of such a delay, not liable for the expense of connecting air or train or bus service missed as a result of a delay and not liable for any other travel expense caused as a result of a delay.
  • 2. Super Vacation Inc reserve the right, when operating conditions require, transferring passengers from one vehicle to another en route.
  • 3. The following documents are recommended to make your check-in process smooth: A valid photo ID is required to board the bus; We recommend you bring a copy of the email confirmation to board the bus.
  • 4. This product is a group activity. If you choose to leave the group, please inform in advance, and obtain the consent of the tour guide. You need to sign the departure agreement form and the unfinished part will be regarded as your own abandonment. The group fee will not be refunded.
  • 5. Gift items in the itinerary that cannot be given away due to force majeure factors such as traffic and weather conditions or personal reasons may be subject to change. Please understand that the fees will not be refunded.
  • 6. Smoking is prohibited aboard the bus in accordance with Federal law and prohibited in most hotel rooms. Customers are responsible for any penalty charged by the hotel in a non-smoking room at least $250 per night.
  • 7. Pets and animals are not allowed on the vehicle.
  • 8. Only for products with airport pick-up service: only one pick-up service within the free pick-up time range is provided for each order. If it is impossible to arrange due to weather and flight delay, etc., please pay for your own transportation costs.
  • 9. Emergency contact: (626) 571-2988

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